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Is There a Pattern in Baccarat?

Baccarat is a game of skill, and you can improve your chances of winning by recognising the secret pattern in the game. Pro players have discovered that there is a baccarat betting pattern that you can use as your strategy to win every time.

You can reduce the house and swing the odds of winning your way by learning how baccarat pattern reading works. While some players rely solely on luck, winners try to detect any betting system that can give them an edge. While baccarat sure-win formulas do not exist, you can learn possible baccarat patterns that you can use to win.

What is Baccarat Pattern Recognition?

A pattern is established when you observe the outcomes in baccarat games over time. The information is used to figure out how to predict the baccarat result that will happen in the next round. The baccarat pattern involves identifying the winner of the next round between the Banker, the Player winning, or the hand ending in a Tie.

The best baccarat winning strategy is placing a wager on the Banker emerging as the winner every time. This is a general sentiment shared amongst pro baccarat gamblers. The odds of the Banker winning is roughly 45.9% in every round played. The bet has a better chance of winning than the Player, which has a 44.6% chance to win. The Tie bet has the worst odds, with a 9.5% chance of winning.

Baccarat Pattern Game online

Baccarat Betting Pattern

While the Banker may be the winning hand most of the time, it would be detrimental to your bankroll to avoid using a basic baccarat strategy that works. A betting pattern emerges in every game, and it can improve your chances of winning.

Here’s a list of baccarat pattern strategies that you can try for fun. Practice using these betting systems before you play for real money:

  • Bead Plate Baccarat Pattern – following the winning hand and assigning colours so that you can remember each winner. The Banker is red, the Player is blue, and the Tie is green. The betting system is also referred to as ‘baby pig,’ ‘cube road’, or ‘marker road’.
  • Big Eye Boy – this pattern mainly tracks repeated occurrences and when there isn’t. The red marks indicate repetition, while blue means the shoe is chaotic.
  • Big Road – this pattern marks the wins with small dots in different colours. The Banker’s consecutive wins are assigned a red dot in the upper left corner of the hand while the Player is designated a blue dot in the lower right corner where it occurred.
  • Small Road Baccarat Pattern – the pattern waits until the entry after the first on the third column of the Big Road before it starts. It will begin with the hand after the first in the third column of the Big Road.
  • Cockroach Pig – this pattern only starts being tracked after the fourth entry has appeared. The betting pattern skips two columns and follows the Big Road pattern.
  • Card counting – you simply keep track of the deck of cards that have been played during the round and the ones discarded. It is unlikely to work because there are multiple decks used in the baccarat game.