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Free Sic Bo Games in 2022

Donald | July 25, 2022 | Updated on: July 25th, 2022

free sic boFree sic bo is a fast-paced game that has a large following in Australia. The dealer throws three dice into a tiny cage, and punters wager on the outcome of the throw. The outcomes can be the sum of the three dice, any single number appearing, two numbers appearing, or a certain combination of numbers.

You may put as many bets as you like, and each bet has a different reward based on probability. The board may appear intricate and frightening at first glance, but it is simple to play. You’ll be playing in no time if you use free sic bo games to learn the board layout and your betting possibilities.

Play Sic Bo Online Free

Free Sic Bo Online No Download

You may either play straight on the site or download an app, this is depending on the sic bo site you’re visiting. You won’t have to worry about running out of space on your mobile device if you choose the no-download option. You’ll be able to play the game right in your web browser.

Free Sic Bo Vs. Real Money

There are benefits and drawbacks to playing Sic Bo online for free and for real money. The following is a list of the advantages of both free and real money Sic Bo:

Free Sic BoReal Money Sic Bo
Playing free Sic Bo helps you to get a feel for the game.If you’re lucky, you might be able to win real money while playing Sic Bo online.
Playing for free is easy and quick.Real money gambling may be a lot of fun when done responsibly.
You may experiment with different betting strategies without risking any money.Casino sites provide a variety of Sic Bo games for all-out variety.
There is no need to register or download Sic Bo to play it for free.Using real money to bet helps you to fine-tune your strategy.
You don’t have to worry about losing money if you play for as long as you like.You can improve your gaming experience by taking advantage of special incentives and promotions.


free sibc bo online

How To Play Sic Bo Free

Sic Bo is played with three-dice, it resembles common dice games but differs in a few ways. It just takes a few minutes to master the game’s rules and layout, as well as the associated payoffs. This game was inspired by an old Chinese dice game. You must place a stake on one of the several bet options available on the table layout.

The dice are then shaken forcefully in a cylinder, which is generally constructed of plastic. This is done electronically when playing online. Some locations on the table will be recognized as winners after the dice outcomes are revealed. If you bet on any of these positions, you will be rewarded according to the paytable’s odds. We’ll lead you through our straightforward instructions below so you can start playing Sic Bo like a pro in no time:

  • Place your wagers – To begin, put your wagers by placing chips on the desired outcomes. There is no limit to the number of outcomes you can bet on, but you should avoid betting on outcomes that regularly contradict each other.
  • Take a chance with the dice – A live dealer spins the dice in certain online Sic Bo games. The player in RNG games, on the other hand, starts the dice roll by pressing the “roll” button.
  • Take your winnings and start making more wagers – If you put a successful wager, collect your winnings. In online Sic Bo, this is handled virtually. Then it’s time to place new bets and keep playing.

After you’ve gotten the hang of it, you may go on to real money games. Sic Bo online is a free game that you may play without having to download anything.

Free Sic Bo Strategy

It’s usually a good idea to have your own strategies for assessing a game and approaching it systematically, especially if you’re still learning the fundamentals. The strategies we’ll show you here won’t improve your Sic Bo odds or payouts, but they will educate you on  what to expect from the game. Keep in mind that sic bo is a game of luck, and there isn’t much you can do to ensure a win. Without further ado, here are some products to help you on your Sic Bo journey:

  • Understand how the game works — bear in mind that there are a variety of bets available for a three-dice combination. On the table, payouts are always jotted down.
  • Familiarize yourself with the betting options – you should be aware of the risks and rewards that each one brings to the table when placing your Sic Bo bets.
  • Select the ideal Sic Bo game – there are numerous variants to choose from, so pick with the one that best fits your style and offers you the most bets and odds.
  • Check the essential guidelines – while it’s necessary to learn the principles, it’s only through practice that you can completely master them.
  • Consider the rewards and odds – the more the risk, the more money you might possibly make! However, wager responsibly and remember that the casino always has the upper hand!
  • Play free online Sic Bo to improve your skills – if a demo version is available, take advantage of it because it will always be handy in the beginning.
  • Select the best Sic Bo casino based on a set of criteria – We make certain that we only feature the best operators from across the world. Check out the best Sic Bo casinos in the list above.
free sic bo games

Bets on the Free Online Sic Bo Game

If you correctly guess the outcome, you will be rewarded with a prize related with the bet that will take place. In other words, riskier bets pay out more money, while safer bets pay out less. There are various different types of bets that may be made:

SmallThe dice will add up to less than 10 but more than four, and they will not be identical.
BigThis wager is similar to the small bet, only you’re going for a total that’s less than 17 but higher than 11.
Even or OddYou’re wagering on whether the total will be even or odd, and that three of the same dice will not appear.
NumberGuess the exact total of all three dice with a number.
Two or Three NumbersSelect the exact two or three digits to be displayed.
Double or TripleBet on two or all three dice coming up with the same number.
Four numbersPick four numbers, and if three of them are rolled, you win.
Pair plus oneChoose which pair of dice has the same value, and an additional die will be selected.


Free sic bo is a great method to learn the rules without risking any money if you’re a novice. Any defeats are useless here, but they are a great way to learn the game! You can apply each of the ways to become an expert. Finally, if you just want to pass the time by having fun, this is the version for you!